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The Features of RareWire

RareWire provides a content creation and delivery engine that is purpose-built for iOS and other tablet based operating systems. We deliver capabilities to App Developers that are otherwise cost prohibitive. Take a look at the major features and benefits the RareWire platform provides.

xmlCompact XML based description format (Wire) easily provides powerful interface behaviors and actions that take advantage of native features of the iPad and iPhone, such as the multi-touch screen, GPS location awareness, and the accelerometer.

xmlThe rendering engine and interface components that comprise our platform technologies are all built in compliance with Apple’s Developer guidelines, using their programming language Objective C, XML, and publicly available Apple API’s.

xmlRemoves the need for low level development tools such as Objective-C while enabling rapid development.

xmlFully supports native animation styles such as flip, curl, and zoom.

xmlA fast, lightweight, and interactive PDF viewer supports up to 20X magnification while preserving all typography and vector information. Caching engine supports hundreds of pages per document. Multiple PDF’s can be easily layered and animated in any way required.