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With the advent of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus the days of creating apps locked into a portrait-only orientation are long gone.

It used to make a lot of sense to build an app in portrait-only for the iPhone. The springboard (your phone's home screen) didn’t rotate, so why did your app need to? Really the only apps that successfully worked in the narrow landscape view were games and often times they were simply locked in landscape, having no portrait view at all.

But now things have changed slightly. The 5.5 inch screen on the iPhone 6 plus now allows the springboard to rotate in the same way that the iPad does. The real estate given to an app at this huge screen size almost makes it easier in some regards to use the device in landscape view. This opens up a world of design possibilities.

One word of caution though,...

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Don't Make Mobile Hard


Any author will tell you that a good outline is essential when writing a novel. Why should app creation be any different? Understanding the workflow of your app is just as important as the content and the design.

A successful app is one that looks good and provides value through its content and usage. But in reality you can have two apps that both provide great design and identical content, only one is more intuitive and can get me to what I need in less taps or allows me to focus on only the areas that matter most.

The best thing you can do when creating scope for your app is to limit the possibilities of features to only a few select things and then make them very easy to understand and interact with.

Think about the areas of the app that you can simplify. Is your user creation process over-complicated? Do you have too...

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For the cash strapped DIY App developer it can sometimes come down to focusing on the right product to start. This can lead you down the path to develop only one thing at a time, focusing on only iOS or only Android first (Some folks feel strongly one way or the other). But you should also take a long look and focus on how your users will use your app.

Expected usage can give you an idea of which form factors to choose from. Aside from choosing a playform, designing and building for both tablets and phones can lead to extra cost and time that might not be in your budget right away. So choosing the right form factor based off the optimal way you expect users to interact with your app is the best place to start.

It allows you to focus on the features...

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Augmenting the Workforce


I ran across this article from the Business Vancouver site that remarks just how the landscape of business is changing.The crux of the article is that the workforce is seeing more and more non-technical workers learning a technical trade, and not necessarily to switch careers, but to help their current position keep up with the rapid use of technology.

Imagine you work in sales or marketing and learn to build web sites or develop your own apps. Not only does it give you credibility when speaking to clients that specialize in these things, but it enables you to take your job to the next level. Imagine as a marketer pitching a client a mobile solution and being able to actually...

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Your Health Wherever You Go


Get right for the summer with Apple and Google’s new plans to expand health and fitness tracking in your next mobile device. With Apple’s HealthKit set for release in iOS 8 and the latest announcement of Google Fit, health and fitness wearable companies are giddy with the possibilities.

Combining the latest trend of wearable health tracking devices with mobile apps can finally turn your phone into a hub of information. This is the crux of what Apple wants to do with their new HealthKit and the reason why Google has opened up an SDK to start allowing these wearable hardware devices to interact with Android L.

Several health aware companies have already partnered with both platforms to take advantage of the tools at their disposal, but as the technology grows and matures there will be an opportunity to come up with all new use cases...

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